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[Dave has no regard for hall monitors or for the requirement that students need to stay in their study hall. He knows there's nobody in the music room right now, and there's something distinctly comforting about being surrounded by instruments, even when they're silent.]

[His friends know where to find him when he hides out here, textbooks laid out on the floor and music blaring from headphones left around his neck to keep him aware. He's paying more attention to the beat than to the words on the page, but that's really par for the course.]

[He's been hiding here a lot recently. It's a really good way to get away from gossip about John and Sollux's new... thing, which makes Dave grit his teeth whenever he has to listen to people talk about it. He doesn't have any real claim over Egbert, but he feels like he does, because John as always been his and fuck the bipolar hacker kid, stepping on Dave's territory.]

[It's much easier to sit in the quiet of the music room and not have to worry. He never really expected his problems might follow him in here.]
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[John's been slightly preparing for this confrontation. Only slightly, because he's really brimming with too much excitement to be concerned about any bad feelings. As such, his only preparation has been the conversation with Rose which, he had to admit, was pretty helpful. Well, actually, the conversation with Rose was what prompted this in the first place, so yeah, of course it was helpful. He is ready to confess to Dave, and it is going to be in the middle of the school day when nothing else is going on for him. Yeah.]

[He knocks on the door of the empty music room before entering. At this time, Dave is usually the only occupant, so he usually doesn't knock. This is a little weird for him, this knocking business. But he wanders in and grins at Dave on the floor. Gosh, he loves this dude, and now he knows they're into each other and this is just so great.]

[John is plopping in front of Dave, careful to avoid the textbooks, and smiles at him.]

Hey, got a minute?
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[Dave goes tense when he hears the knocking. Shit, did his study hall teacher finally figure out where he was going every day? Oh. No, wait, that is definitely John. Cool. Much improvement. Although that smile is making him a little bit uneasy. That's the face John made after figuring things out with Vriska and he does not want to hear about how Sollux asked him to prom or some bullshit. He mentally prepares himself for the sinking feeling in his stomach and the false happiness for his friend.]

Yeah, sure.

[He shrugs and carefully examines John through his sunglasses. What is happening. Why is John looking at him like that. What is so important that they need to have a talk that requires an "is it okay" question before they start.]

What's up? You finally hit puberty and need a real man to explain the sick changes going on?

[Not that John hasn't already hit puberty, with the power of a raging dragon. It doesn't matter that voice cracks and braces and awkward growth happened, it meant that John had admitted to masturbating and that was a mental image that Dave both jerked off to and denied with the power of that same dragon that gave John his puberty.]
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[John crosses his legs and leans forward on his arms on them. Not quite in Dave's bubble, but very attentive to getting his attention. He laughs, and tries to will the nervousness to stop.]

Haha, yeah, Dave, I hit puberty 2.0 and am wondering what I'm gonna do with the sick changes to whatever's going on with my face.

[He scratches at the scruff along his jaw, unstyled and it's clear that he's forgotten to shave for the past few days. He chuckles again, but then tries to serious the fuck up, which amounts to a soft smile, then a nervous nibble of his lower lip--an old habit he didn't take up as much nowadays--and finally a deep-ish breath. God, how does he start. Rose said Sollux, start with Sollux. Okay.]

But seriously, man, this is important. This Sollux and me thing, it's uh, well, it's not like it's not working out, [He rolls his hands around for emphasis, making the arm leaning pretty pointless] but it's not. Right. Does that make sense?

[He's looking at Dave very intently, hoping that something magical will make all the words come out through eye contact, that he wants Dave and that's why it's wrong, but god he has to do this with his mouth.]
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[Dave has a long moment of examining John's facial hair. That was one of those distinctly male traits to his best friend that made Dave want to run his fingertips along John's skin. He used to be a little bit disturbed by how badly the hair on John's chin, the cut of his jaw, his flat chest, all of those male things turned him on and pulled him in, but now he's just bitterly used to it. He won't admit it, too afraid that putting it into words will doom him to his brother's fate, but to himself, he knows that leg hair and broad shoulders turn him on just as much as, if not more than gentle curves and perfect breasts.]

[It's a problem, though, because Dave wants so badly to touch. He finds more excuses than he should, but it's when John neglects his razor in the morning when it gets really bad. That little teenaged training beard is enough to make Dave want to run his tongue along it just to feel the texture against his tongue. It's sick and that's one of the urges that he's a little bit disgusted by. He's allowed to be bisexual in secret, but wanting to lick your best friend's scruffle is kinda weird.]

[But Dave prickles in a way that has nothing to do with stubble when John brings up Sollux. All manner of bad scenarios fly through his head, and he closes his hands into fists.]

He didn't fucking hurt you, did he? Because I will end him.

[The rage in Dave's voice is repressed into something cold and quiet and is all the more dangerous for it. That had been the worst part of this whole deal. John was fucking a guy who had a reputation of making his ex-boyfriend bleed.]

Or does he like someone else? Is he cheating on you?

[Dave's feeling a little bit hysterical, and mentally straps himself to the handle. This is getting out of control, rapidly.]
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[John is shocked at Dave's reaction, more so from the change in conversation tone than the actual reacting. He frowns and holds his hands up defensively, halt motherfucker, halt.]

What--no! No way, man, no hurting or abuse or anything like that in this neck of woods!

[He's about to deny the other parts immediately, but oh wait, no, Dave had that right, actually. He grins a bit and folds his hands together, twiddling his fingers.]

He's not cheating, he's actually really loyal. But he does like someone else. And three guesses who.

[He raises an eyebrow in a "you know who I'm talking about" way, but even though this would be sad news coming from anyone else, John's smile just grows.]

And before you get Destroyer of Boyfriends all up in here, charming as that kinda is, it's okay. Because I liked someone else, too. [He briefly averts his eyes, and can feel his face heating up gradually.] I have for a really long time, and, gosh, I love him a lot! But he says he's straight, so I have been...really scared to talk to him about it. Y'know?

[He turns his eyes back to Dave, and fiddling has gotten more stiff but restless all the same.]
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[Dave feels something in his guts twitch unpleasantly. So Rose was right, this John Sollux thing was some kind of mutual arrangement and Dave honestly can't decide how to feel about that. Part of him is angry, because John deserves better than a guy who's thinking about someone else, but at least nobody's been betrayed so Dave doesn't have to beat anyone up. But he kinda wants to beat someone up, defend John's honor and fuck this is so out of hand he can't even touch it with his fingertips anymore.]

[He doesn't need any of the guesses, the fact that the someone else is Eridan Ampora goes without saying. Dave just watches John as he talks, trying to settle the squirming in his stomach that hates the idea of John liking someone who doesn't like him back, someone straight, almost as much as he hates the idea of John belonging to someone else at all. Shit, maybe he should seek help for this. He's going to turn into some kind of crazy gay stalker at this rate or something. He can't do that, he has to find a nice girl and settle down and not pine for all eternity like his stupid brother.]

[A weird little feeling similar to hope bubbles in Dave's stomach, but it clearly isn't him that John is referring to, so he squashes it harshly. It's probably one of Karkat's friends, the ones that John occasionally sits with at lunch. There are lots of straight guys amongst them, even with as much gay facesucking going on in that group.]

Well. Come on, John, if you're friends with this guy, it's not like he's going to hate you for being into him, he's gotta know you like dudes.

[Dave steels himself for the inevitable, and it just makes the discomfort in his stomach worse.]

Who is this guy? Hell, maybe you'll get lucky and he's not as straight as he claims.

[There's a tiny hint of bitterness in Dave's voice and he's mortified by it. He's not supposed to be bitter like that. He's not supposed to want to be John's straight boy.]
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[He chuckles, glad to have Dave's support, so glad, and he's holding back from grabbing Dave's hands like in the animes. Not the time for that. He keeps eye contact--or as much as he can with those shades--and says very confidently,]

Well, he's you, Dave.

[John grins, and he knows Dave is not straight, because Rose said so. He can feel his prankster gambit going up up up, but it's the fun kind of prank this time, he guesses, and maybe not even a prank at all. Maybe. Trying to get your friend who likes you to admit it by playing dumb may or may not be prankstery. Either way, it's still hard to say, because it's still a confession and gosh.]

You are the straight homolove of my life, and it's...really about time I fessed up.

[He holds the WELP-smile for another second before running his hands over his face, going UGGGGH before dropping his hands back to his lap and bringing back the smile with a nervous laugh.]

Man, that was--that was hard. Whew.
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[The twitching in Dave's stomach turns into a full on violent lurch when John tells him that holy fuck, his deepest hopes were accurate. His poker face falls completely, crumbling into dust in the wake of John's confession. His mouth falls open, just a little, and his eyes unfocus. This. This isn't a thing that can be happening. This literally is not possible. John can't. He can't.]

[Dave feels something prickling at the backs of his eyes and realizes in a dazed sort of way that holy fucking shit, he's tearing up in school. In front of a person. In front of John. He can't move, he can't think, his hands are shaking and he has goosebumps and he's scared and too happy to comprehend it and his brain is shutting down even as it starts to turn on again.]

[And then it all rushes in around him like a broken dam, and Dave is momentarily terrified that he might throw up. The part of his brain that is trying to force his focus away from the problem at hand points out how much damage that would do to his textbooks.]

[Dave still hasn't said anything, just searches every inch of John's face for hints that he might be kidding, or lying, or not serious in some way. The reality of this is too much to handle, but here it is, and there's certainly no way to abscond to think.]


[Dave's voice is small and broken, like a little child who has just been told that a loved one has passed away. How can he possibly respond to this. He can't win here, can't have John because what if he loses John but he wants him so badly.]

[Dave swallows hard and thanks Dirk furiously for getting him started in this ridiculous sunglasses wearing trend that is currently protecting John from seeing the anguish in Dave's eyes.]


[Dave digs his hands into his hair and takes a deep, shaking breath. Too much, too much. Fuck, he cannot be having a panic attack, this is so fucking stupid he's acting like Karkat motherfucking Vantas.]

I... John, shit, this...

[The tears break and Dave ignores them, reaching out in an attempt at touching John's face that he aborts halfway through. His fingers are visibly shaking and he's still afraid he might throw up. He pulls his hands back in close to his chest and looks around the room as if expecting someone to be watching, maybe to mock him and maybe to save him from having to figure out what to do with this huge shift in his life that he didn't see coming.]

D-did Rose put you up to this?

[He can't breathe, the world is closing in, this is a dream, this is a lie, he can't be following Dirk down this road, he can't. He's supposed to get over wanting to stick his tongue down John's throat, not to get into a relationship with him. This has to be a prank.]

God, fuck, is this a joke?

[He's desperate, and he grabs John by the shoulders, holding on possibly a little bit too tightly.]

Don't fucking tease me, asshole, this is cruel.

[His hands go slack and he slumps backwards and pushes his sunglasses out of the way so he can press his palms into his eyes. Everything hurts. This is a monster he has to face and it's just pulled out a fucking sword. He's crying like a child in the fucking music room out of nowhere, and he's never going to live that down, whether this is a prank or not.]

It can't be this fucking easy, it's never this fucking easy.

[Dave's not sure if he's talking to John or himself, or maybe it's both. He can't be sure.]
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[This. This was not what John was expecting at all. He swallows thickly, and feels like he might start crying, too. Dave sounds so hurt more than anything, and John has never wanted that ever for him. His smile dropped at first "fuck," and suddenly he feels like he may have made another huge mistake. What did he do wrong, what what what. He's fucked up somehow, hasn't he?]

Dave--Dave, I'm not joking!

[It comes out far more defensive than he intends, because fuck, these are real feelings in real life and John doesn't get why Dave is questioning it. He tightens his mouth and gets to work on closing Dave's books and stacking them off to the sides so that he can scoot closer and within a much better Emergency Hug distance.]

Shh, I'm not teasing you, I am being totally serious. I know I am the pranking master, but this really isn't one of those times. I do love you, for real, and I have and I don't really see me stopping.

[He sighs and wiggles his fingers between Dave's hands and his face, trying very gently to tug them away. This is too fucking sad, and he doesn't understand the easiness or hardness that has to be there. His tugs are light, non-forceful, but nudging.]

Hey, c'mon, look at me, bro...did I say something wrong?

[John feels that there are some issues here Rose didn't mention or know about, and now it's starting to make him worry he was too dumb or something with his words again. Or just in general, that seemed to be a problem sometimes, too.]
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[John is touching Dave, and it's pulling him hard into this moment no matter what it's doing to his poor heart. John's successful at pulling his hands away from his eyes, but his sunglasses got pushed far enough out of the way that they don't fall back into place. He's crying without his barrier now and that's even worse, like being skinned before getting thrown into a sandpit to wrestle. But he can't stop the tears now that they've started, and this is the first time he's cried in months.]

You fucking idiot, it's not this easy! You don't just walk up to me one day and tell me you love me, that's not something that happens!

[Dave is hysterical and it's painted across his face, and he's going to be humiliated about his display later. In fact, he's fairly humiliated about it right now. He turns his face sharply away from John and closes his eyes, breathing until he's forced the tears to slow to a near stop.]

Look. You just. You had a fucking boyfriend yesterday, even if he did like a hipster douchebag. This is just a little bit hard to believe!

[He stares hard at the floor.]

This is too easy to be fucking real. I'm going to wake up in the fucking nurse's office or something and you'll go back to kissing Sollux and I'll go back to wanting to touch your fucking stubble like somebody told me it grants wishes.
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[John holds on tight to Dave's hands, clenching tight when oh fuck he is seriously crying. His heart breaks, tears into pieces, sinks to the bottom of his ribcage. He swallows again, trying so hard not to cry as well. He feels like the worst kind of jerk right now, and he's not sure what to do about but keep talking.]

Yes I can and I just did! I sat right in front of you, beat around the bush, and told you I loved you. That happened. I don't have pics, but it happened.

[He's not thinking when he brings one of Dave's hands up to his face, kissing his palm as heartfelt and sincere as a lover.]

I did have a boyfriend, who does like a hipster kinda-douchebag. That's real, too.

[He kisses the other palm, lips quivering because his jaw is fighting back against him fighting back the urge to sob.]

And you're not gonna wake up, this isn't a dream, Sollux and I are really way done kissing, and Dave, even if you want to fucking molest my stubble I would try my best to grant your wishes.

[He's pulling sap out of a sap jar at this point, but he means it, and if he has to start singing "How Do I Live" and re-enacting romance scenes, he so fucking will. He drops Dave's hands and nudges his head to face him, teary red eyes and all, and he wipes at the tears, smearing them on his face.]


[John initial urge to SHUT UP AND KISS THAT BOY KISS HIM RIGHT NOW is put on hold, because he's scared to death of triggering Dave again or something. He lets his jaw relax, now that it's stopped threatening to release quivers of undying sadness, and gives Dave a look asking if it's okay, can he kiss this boy and make the hurts stop.]
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[Dave can't breathe. If he breathes, he might break the magic of this moment, which seems to be built out of the tiniest strings of cotton candy, ready to melt or rip at any moment. It's helpful that his lungs don't seem to want to breathe for him anyways. John is kissing his hands, gentle and perfect like a scene from the movies Dave's never believed. This doesn't feel like the wrenching heartbreak he sees in Dirk's eyes after he spends a day with Jake and his wife.]

[The whole situation moves in slow motion until Dave takes a shaky gasp of air and everything snaps back into real time. He reaches out with still-trembling hands and cups John's face, pulling him into a kiss that's too fast and hurts his teeth. Even the pain is somehow special, like something out of another world that Dave has stumbled into.]

[John's stupid post-puberty kinda-beard tickles his fingers and Dave thinks that, hey, maybe it really does grant wishes, because he'd have wished for this anyways. His stomach is still churning but he doesn't feel bile rising anymore, because a little bit of hope seems to be pushing it back down.]

[He lets the kiss end naturally and leaves his hands where they are, looking destroyed. He's happy and so terrified at the same time, and it's fucking with everything but he's tired of fighting it. He'd be this boy's best man, his sex toy, his boyfriend, his guardian angel, his anything. Strider curse, it seems.]

You taste like peppermint.

[It's such a stupidly inane, inappropriate statement for the moment that Dave breaks, this time into laughter. It's half coughing because he's still wrecked from the crying, but he presses his face into John's neck with a smile anyways.]

Fuck, I love you.
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[The kiss is probably the sweetest and most romantic kiss John has experienced. It's simple and short, but what makes it beautiful is the amount of feelings invested in it. His heart repairs itself and sings ridiculous hymns for this boy, and John is sure the hymn is sung by olden monks in homomonasteries. It's beautiful and loud and he feels like he has wings from the sheer joy.]

[The kiss hurts at first, and John is trying not to giggle into it, but it's perfect because it's them and that's what matters. He kisses back, tracing the curve of Dave's jaw slightly with his fingers. They part and it's fine and smooth, nothing forced about it.]

[He laughs, stringing his fingers through Dave's hair. Gosh, just...gosh.]

You don't taste too bad yourself.

[He nuzzles Dave, rubbing a hand along his back and smiling sooooo big. For a long time, he was scared they'd never have a moment like this. Now that it's here, John wonders how his life even functioned without it.]

I love you, too, Dave. I love you so fucking much.
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[Dave lets himself relax, just a little bit, against John. He feels a little bit hollowed out as the panic and crying fade away, but it's a good sort of feeling, oddly enough. Like all the worries were ripped out of him and there's nothing left, so now he can sleep in the aftermath.]

I can't believe you did this in the fucking music room.

[He laughs helplessly and lifts his head off of John's shoulder. For a moment, he debates dropping his sunglasses back over his eyes, but decides against it. Dave makes eye contact for a moment before kissing John high on his cheekbone, nudging John's glasses with his nose in the process.]

Want to skip class and make out in my car?

[Because there is no fucking way that Dave can go back and sit in a desk right now. He feels like he's floating, relieved and sleepy and desperate to attach himself to this boy.]
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[John laughs, embarrassed by his own pick of location and that Dave actually commented on it. Gosh, way to be cool, Egbert. It was spontaneous and he wanted to do it now but Dave doesn't really need to hear all the reasoning and excuses behind his lack of class in emotional confessing.]

Yeah yeah, shut up, dude.

[He's decided that any time Dave keeps his shades off is an awesome time, because man. He's seen his eyes before, but never in this sort of light. It almost takes his breath away, and his face flushes with the kiss that snaps him out of his open admiring of Daveface. He chuckles and kisses the corner of Dave's mouth before snapping to attention at oh yes make-outs. He runs through his next classes for the day, decides that what they're learning is crap, and yes, yes, of course Dave makeouts are more appealing.]

Oh, fuck yes.

[And then they picked up their stuff and made out in Dave's car THE END.]
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[John really sucked at computer science. He loved the class and learning about this kind of stuff, but he was just, in all honesty, terrible at it. Dave opted out of taking it this year with him, not enough irony stocked in it, but Sollux Captor probably saw it as an easy A and practically taught the class himself, although very angrily. John has heard stories of Sollux's relationships past, and since Eridan and Nepeta became a thing, that left Sollux single, available, and...well, yeah. Single and available.]

[He was still very in love with Dave, that hadn't changed in years, but his lesbian-best-friend-ex-girlfriend Vriska had a point: casual dating wouldn't hurt him. Dave was straight, he liked ladies, and John was pretty openly into dudes, now. He didn't used to be totally open with it, having just confided his sexuality in a few friends, but when he and Vriska broke up because of their sexualities, he figured it was about time he just owned up to it. And with Sollux being single, available, not Karkat, and a pretty good guy? Yeah, he could dig this, and the worst that would happen would be that Sollux turned him down.]

[So, it's after school has ended and John's clicking around on one of the computers in the computer lab, waiting for Sollux to come in. He genuinely needs help with his assignment and the subject material in general, but this is also his chance to ask Sollux out and get some tutoring in at the same time. Score!]
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[Tutoring is Sollux's excuse to get his dad to come pick him up after school today. John's not a bad guy, and an hour of teaching him how to use python was a great deal of an improvement over taking the bus. He had both Vriska and Tavros on his bus route, and he always had a headache by the time he got home.]

[He has his backpack slung lazily over his shoulder, displaying the front panel where Karkat safety clipped notes that usually summed up to "take your fucking medicine" or "don't get AIDS from Eridan", as he walks into the room.]

Hey John.

[He sounds just a little bit above mind-numbingly bored, but he usually sounds like that when he's not having either kind of fit.]
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[John looks up from his Solitaire game--which he was losing horribly--and smiles. He even waves, and despite being told how dumb he looks when he does that so many times, he does it anyway. It's just what you do! He's glad to see Sollux, also nervous, but more outwardly excited.]

Hey! Thanks for staying to help me out, man.

[It seems pretty classic, really, this whole air-headed football guy getting a skinny little nerd to help him with his homework situation. John closes his game and takes out the homework assignment from under the keyboard, where he'd stuffed it out of the way. He stares at it for all of a millisecond before he chuckles nervously.]

Yeeeeeah, I'm completely lost.
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[He's having the hardest time stifling his giggles as he stands by his door, dressed in short shorts he "borrowed" from Jake's closet--John didn't want to know why his older brother had them, he really didn't--and a shirt he nicked from Jade's close that is hilariously small on him and ends around his mid-belly. This whole "roleplay" thing is new to him, and he doesn't care if he's doing it wrong; he'll look back on this one day like holy crap I remember the time I dressed in my sibling's clothes and played Computer Repair Man with Sollux. It'll be a story to tell to his children.]

[John sputters with laughter again before taking exaggerated calming breaths. Oh god, the things he does with other people when the house is empty. Granted, playtime with Sollux tends to get pretty sexual or drunk or both, unlike his other hanging out times. Sometimes he and Vriska cuddle mostly naked to naked in his bed on hot days, but it's nowhere near sexual for them; they're just really that comfortable with each other. But right now is not the time to think about naked cuddles with Vriska! It is time for shitty roleplaying.]

Oh, no, my computer has crashed! It's the blue screen of death, whatever shall I doooo? I hope the computer repair guy is on his way!

[John does not understand how anyone gets off on scenarios like this, but it's fucking funny and will end in some form of fucking, so it's okay. and hilarious. at least to him.]
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[Sollux has the dorkiest sorta-boyfriend-mostly-fuck-buddy ever. Somehow, no matter how ridiculous John gets, Sollux is always vaguely surprised when he reaches the next level. Their sex life is no exception. He's wearing the pocket protector Karkat got him as a gag gift for his birthday for the first time, and only John could ever think something like this is a good idea in the bedroom.]

[And John is hardly drama club material, Sollux muses to himself as he sighs, rolls his bi-colored eyes behind his functional glasses, and steps into John's room from the hallway.]

Hello, Jo-- thir, I am here to fix your computer.

[He's even worse at emoting than John is, and this whole thing could come right out of Zack and Miri make a porno. Sollux crosses his arms over his chest, looking vaguely unimpressed.]

Where ith it?
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[John snickers horribly into his hand for a moment. Sollux's fucking pocket protector was the perfect touch, much better than John's intentionally stupid get-up. He manages to stop and then flops the back of his hand to his forhead, his other being used to point dramatically at his computer.]

Oh my goodness, so fast! It's right over there, and godspeed!

[He is the absolute worst and this and he does not care. Sollux will find the desktop littered with failed attempts at programming, all of which are either as bad, worse, or only slightly better than Karkat's attempts. John's remembered to put away his programming books this time around because he can't stand Dave mocking him for it, he doesn't need it from Sollux.]
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Nothing but sweat inside my hand

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[Today. Fucking. Sucked. People are starting to figure out that, yeah, John's gay, and somehow that's almost worse than when he wasn't and was dating that Vriska bitch. Now the gay boys are giving him that look, the look that Dave has dibs on even if he isn't fucking gay fucktards. He's aware that the furiously possessive fire in his stomach that screams at him to hold John close his chest and cut anyone who dares try to pull him away is probably unhealthy, but he doesn't care. John belongs to him, even if he never wants to have sex with him. He is Dave's.]

[Of course, thinking about how John belongs to him the whole bus ride home has led to him thinking some fucking dirty thoughts about tying him up and sucking little purple patches all over his body to show all those motherfuckers that he's taken, even if he's not taken because Dave is not gay. And now he's finally back in his fucking apartment and he's been half-hard for the past 15 minutes and Dirk's not home so he really has no reason not to just go for it.]

[He knows John wanted to hang out today, but they hadn't actually talked about it, so whatever, he could jack off, doze it off for half an hour, then call up his friend and they could watch crappy movies while Dave thought about chaining their wrists together so they can never get too far away from each other.]

[He's barely got his bedroom door closed before he's pulling his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes as he does so. He unhooks his belt and opens his top drawer, setting about on mission "find the fucking lube".]
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[John's popularity among the male population of school has been changing lately. And by changing, he means that god damn he has never had that many people give him curious eyes like that before. He can't tell just how many are interested and how many are just confused, but they all smile back when he waves at them's not all bad. He was scared it'd be worse, really, so having no one bug him about his sexuality was really...great and stuff. It's not like he's been kicked off the football team or that his teachers suddenly don't like him, either.]

[At this point, John's only problem is that as much as he says he doesn't need to date anyone, he kind of actually a lot does. Vriska sort of fills the void, but mostly in a cuddle-at-home way that goes hand-in-hand with the accidental kisses they share out of habit. They're going to have to work on that, maybe aim for the cheeks instead. But John's bachelor life isn't just hindered by his uncertainty of who is available, but who isn't. Dave is his best friend, and the guy he's been crushing on forever, and the one he'd think about when making out with Vriska.]

[He gets that Dave's straight, and that they'll never get to kiss and hug and get down to the dirty stuff, and that's alright. He's not going to push it on Dave, or even tell him about it. John is just going to...pine for a while and snatch up all the bro hangouts he can with Dave to make up for the perceived forever lack of a relationship with him.]

[It's what's landed him hiding in Dave's closet right now. He arrived just as Dirk was leaving, and, in a moment of prankster master genius, hid in the closet and practiced all his scariest/goofiest faces. Plan: Scare The Shit Out Of Dave was well underway from the get-go, and then Dave came in the room and--started...taking off his shirt. John swallows, watching Dave through the crack in the door. Well...okay, maybe he can watch Dave be shirtless for a little while. His attractive--so painfully, agonizingly attractive--best friend would just have to spare him a peep show for a bit.]
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[Dave's pants sag a little bit without his belt, catching on his hip and showing a hint of his totally ironic chick-and-bunny Easter boxers. Really, he wears them for the bunnies-- there's a long term joke that John is a rabbit and he likes having a little piece of him close. He finally closes his fingers around his bottle of astroglide and tosses it effortlessly onto his bed. He shuts the drawer with one hand, the other already on the button of his jeans.]

[He digs his thumbs under the waistband of his jeans and his boxers all in one go, tugging them down and leaning over to take them off. He's entirely unaware of his audience and so he's shameless, showing John his back and ass in their full glory. He stretches a little to loosen himself up and then climbs onto the bed, propping himself up against the pillows.]

[Dave takes off his shades now, the most vulnerable part of this whole event. He sets them on his bedside table and reaches over for his lube, squeezing a little bit onto his palm. With a soft sigh, he wraps his lubed up hand around his dick, which isn't all the way hard but slowly getting there.]
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[Holy shit. Holy. Shit. Holy fucking--oh god what is happening. The peepshow turned strip show turned creeper in the closet scenario was throwing John for all the loops, all of them. Dave's body is beautiful, he's lean and firm and so very, very male, and all in one go John's had a full 360 view of it. He could rewind the way Dave's back stretched and bent, creating a curve that flowed flawlessly with his choice ass--because, really, in the case of Dave Strider, how else was his (or anyone's) ass supposed to be described?--and just god dammit. John's seen Dave in speedoes and boxers before, but there is a lot that is intensely different seeing him naked and half-hard.]

[John gasps, quietly, because he's pretty breathless right now. This is scary, bordering terrifying, but god he doesn't want it to stop. He's not sure when he covered his mouth with his hand, but he realizes it's there when he licks his lips and catches the salty sweat accumulating in his palm. Dave's glasses are off, his hand slick and around his dick and ohhhh, this is too much. This has to be a dream, it has to be. John is going to wake up on his desk, face stuck to an open page in his textbook, drool spilling out the corner of his mouth. He's going to wake up any second now, so he closes his eyes, counts to three in his head, and he expects--and sort of sadly hopes--that when he opens them, he'll be class-publically humiliated.]

[He opens his eyes and fuck, it's real, this is real, and he wants to groan out in frustration so badly. This is cruel, having Dave all out like this in front of him, forcing him to watch. Well, okay, no one is forcing him, but there is no way he's passing up a chance to watch Dave...get off. Oh god. He's such a creep, fuck. John can feel his own arousal starting, it makes him squirm, but he won't stop any of this. He'll worry about the after party later.]
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[Dave starts slow, if only because he's scrolling through his usual selection of "Leave my John the fuck alone" fantasies. He's given up on trying to masturbate to girls, because he's already rationalized this to death: it's totally platonic sexual fantasy. The point is keeping John close to him, and what's wrong with pretending to use sex for that goal? It's not like he actually wants to act out any of these things. God, that would be gay, and Dave's not gay, because if he was gay, then he'd have to deal with all of the bullshit Dirk goes through on a daily basis.]

[Today, he settles on something new, because it's easy to piece together a new fantasy after the day he's had. John in the hallway, talking to one of those gay guys-- Eridan, Eridan works fantastically, and Dave watching from the doorway to a classroom. Dave speeds up his hand, squeezing at the base and pulling all the way up in a way that almost hurts, and sends a little throb of pleasure up his spine. He exhales hard, hips twitching just a little as his eyes fall closed. It's easier to imagine the scene he's creating without his posters in his peripheral vision.]

[John is laughing at something Eridan says, and fantasy Dave doesn't even have to walk over there, he's just there, biting at John's lips and throat, fingernails scratching hard down his John's back. Eridan is staring and a crowd is gathering, and Dave jams a thigh between John's legs and grinds hard. The John in the fantasy moans and clings to Dave's shoulders, and in reality, Dave groans deep in his chest in response and thrusts up into his hand.]

[He spends a long moment on that image, replaying the noise which is an edit on a noise John once made when he'd stubbed his toe on Dave's desk. The overtone of mine is matching up with the heartbeat that brings stabs of pleasure up his spine, and he hasn't noticed at all that he's actually muttering the word to himself. Not that it matters. Nobody is here to try to make out what he's saying.]
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[John is hard in no time at all, and he can't place just what part of this did him in. Was it the subtle but ever telling pressures Dave used? Or when his body moved involuntarily? Or, god, that groan of his. Does Dave do this all the time, just like this? Is he always this unabashed, while John is still worried about even making a peep?]

[He can't quite make out what Dave's muttering, but John wants so badly to imagine it's his name, even if that's stupid. Dave is probably thinking of busty girls bouncing on his dick or something, the kind of thing that is just plain unappealing to John. But god it would be something else if he was Dave's wetdream, making him moan like that from fantasy alone, even getting him aroused in the first place.]

[It's the hardest thing in the world to make the unbuttoning/unzipping of his jeans as quiet as possible. He doubts Dave can hear him, but just in case...this would be awkward to explain. It would be awkward and friendship endangering and okay, no, not the thing John wants to focus on right now. Watching Dave, listening to Dave, has got him hard and yearning. He shuffles the hems of his boxers and pants down just enough to pull his dick through, as the complete dropping of them could make some unwanted noise. He bites his lower lip, refocuses his gaze on Dave, taking it all in, and he holds his dick in his sweaty palm. Starting out slow and gently firm, he runs his hand up and down, eyes set solely on Dave and thoughts all up in the idea of being the one in Dave's thoughts.]
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[Dave is starting to get squirmy, because a pressure is building slowly and he's young enough to not care about drawing it out, just wants to come. But he wouldn't let John come that easily if it was him on the receiving end. Their positions in the fantasy shift without them actually moving, John pinned face-first against the wall while Dave reaches around to stroke him off, slowly enough to make his friend sob and beg him for it, faster, please, Dave, please!!]

[In reality, Dave smirks a little to himself, curling and uncurling his toes to dispel the restless energy that he can't seem to shake. The John in his mind is a mess, clutching at the lockers and trying so desperately to get more stimulation, tears running down his face as he hurts his nails on the metal. He's pleading in between frantic whines, I'm yours, I'm sorry, Dave, they're nothing to me, I'm yours, just yours!]

[Dave loses the thread of his fantasy for a moment as he suddenly remembers that it had started with people watching, people that John might want more than him in real life, and so he changes the fantasy, to John naked on his floor save for a collar, curled up at Dave's feet. He's hard as stone and leaking from the tip, and Dave is holding his chin, tracing his cheekbones with his thumb. Good boy, mine, always mine, he coos to fantasy John, who smiles up at him hopefully and nods enthusiastically, yelping when Dave nudges his erection with his ankle. He squirms on the floor, hips thrusting into thin air when Dave pulls away, presses his hands back against the wall and attaching them there with handcuffs that appear out of nowhere.]

[This is the weirdest part of these fantasies and the part that Dave most uses to defend himself when he rationalizes it-- nothing gay about blowjobs, it's not like anal or anything, it's just another way to possess his friend. But the reality of it is nothing like that, because he's not just fantasizing about the way John's face would twist in pleasure that nobody else can give him, but the way John's cock would rest against the back of his tongue, thick precome coating the roof of his mouth. He wants to do this. He wants to do it for real.]

[And suddenly he's got tears in the corner of his eyes, because the thought is so fucking hot he can't stand it, orgasm nearly inevitable and he wants to blow John. He really fucking wants to.]
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[This is still all kinds of unreal. John presses a hand against the wall by the closet doors and puts his weight on it, providing himself support as his knees grow weak. He wishes this wasn't just a one-time accidental thing, he really does. He wants to be there on Dave's bed with him, pumping and thrusting swollen dicks until they spill themselves on the sheets, but that's just a sad fantasy. Dave doesn't like dudes, not like that, and John's excited dick-pumping grows longing, stretched and prolonged as he tries to make these moments last. He can at least pretend Dave's interested, maybe for a while, he's already hiding in his closet being a creepy bff voyeur, nothing else could really top that.]

[And maybe--maybe Dave would do that, just as he is on the bed, only with John rocking into him. He clenches his hand tighter around his dick, because he can only imagine what intercourse with a butt would feel like, his shy experiments on himself with his fingers aside. John's imagination is wild, but it's hard to keep the picture going in his head when he's trying not to whimper or miss anything that Dave does. And, god, now he has direct memories to pull from when he masturbates, or when he inevitably fools with some other guy and his thoughts trail right back to Dave and how Dave might act, and now John has a pretty damn good idea.]

[John's ready, he's so ready to let himself go, but he always waits until the guys in porn come, first, and then he finishes off. And while Dave is definitely not just a guy from a redtube video, he feels the same ritual must be attended to, and he's flushed and hot but god watching Dave come undone will be worth it. He's so eager and the toe-clenching and pre-cumming squirming are about to do John in, though. He bites his lip hard, rests his shallow pumping closer to the base of his cock. Almost, just...almost.]
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I smell sex and candy here || Who's that casting devious stares in my direction

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[If Sollux remembered this conversation later, which he won't, he'd probably beat his head into something solid for thinking that both of them tasting like alcohol was so fucking funny. He chuckles awkwardly into Eridan's mouth and sucks on his lower lip. Mmm, yes, vodka flavored jerkass.]

Thould go upthtairth...

[But he makes no motion to actually get Eridan to his bedroom, far more concerned with humping him here on the floor. He isn't near the point where his concern shifts to needing to get off, so he's just happy to have a warm body to rub against. He'll probably be even more pissed about his next idea in the morning.]

Hey... Hey... You ever tried, you know... thucking dickth?

[And that's funny too, and Sollux has to break the kiss to get his laughter under control.]
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[He could get used to having laughing in his mouth, it was weird but he guessed he didn't mind. It still ended with mouth mashing of some form, so yeah, it was cool. He nods vaguely at Sollux's idea, but similarly makes no move to do so. He grows, though, at the inquiry.]

W'what's it to you how many dicks I fuckin' sucked?

[Eridan scratches at Sollux's pants, because that's clearly the best way to get him to stop fucking laughing. He doesn't get what's so damn funny, though that's not what's making him near the edge of whining. He wants more kissing, more lips against lips and man tongues, tongues would be fantastic.]

Get th'fuck back up here asshole.
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Don't try to fix me || I'm not broken

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I can't wait for you to shut me up || I don't find it funny right now

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[It takes Sollux half a moment to realize where Eridan's fingers are going. He's too chicken to actually shove his hands down Sollux's pants, it seems, but even though the pressure behind his balls feels good, fuck if he's going to give Eridan any indication that he gets to top.]

[So he pulls a full stop, grabbing Eridan's hip with his nails and keeping it still so he can't force the grinding back into motion. He bites down hard on Eridan's lower lip, grabbing his chin with his free hand. He runs his tongue along Eridan's mouth in a long swath and holds dangerous eye contact.]

You lotht all right to dominanthe when you couldn't get it up to get your dick thucked.

[And that smirk is probably more than a little bit cruel but he doesn't care, because Eridan starts these games, he can take the consequences.]

If anyone'th getting fucked, it'th you.

[He lets go of Eridan's hip and does what Eridan hadn't dared, sliding a hand down the back of Eridan's pants and jamming three fingers hard into the skin between Eridan's balls and his asshole. He nips at the other boy's neck as he slides the middle finger back to press dangerously, almost hard enough to push past the resistance of the muscles. He leaves the other two fingers where they were, pressing in hard enough to almost hurt.]
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[Eridan absolutely abhors how Sollux's voice and painful violence and eyes make him moan. It's such easy control over him and god Sollux does not need to have that over him, but he does and now it's all on the table that he very much does. He flushes deep, though, with rage and a wronged sense of justice.]

I was drunk, you fuckin' shithead! Has fuckin' nothin' to do with fuckin'.

[Okay so he was more hungover than drunk, but he feels his defense still stands. Now's not the time to fight it, though, not this time, because Sollux is being cruel and borderline hateful but still wants to fuck him and that's just the best damn thing right now. He moans, presses his mouth against Sollux's shoulder, and clings to him for dear life. He's so hard and horny and his sex drive is going absolutely nuts with all this teasing. He doesn't care if he yelps when it hurts, he wants this so bad and he's tired of waiting.]

Then quit yer blabberin' an' fuckin' do it.
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[John was usually not a totally messy eater. He knew he'd be waiting in the Strider household for a while before he got to hang out with Dave, and bringing over a sloppy burger didn't seem like a bad idea. Lately he'd taken to really enjoying interacting with Dirk, and this would have been the first time they'd been alone in forever, so John had to, of course, make a huge fool of himself and get a walloping ketchup spill on his white shirt. Emergency cleaning was taking place in the bathroom, and John is torn between feeling embarrassed or amused that Dirk is rescuing his shirt from stain oblivion.]

Jeez, you'd think I were old enough to not drop shit all over my shirt.

[He leans on one hand on the sink counter, his hip pressing into the countertop. Looking forward gets him a face full of Dirk Strider--handsome, cut, Strider perfection Dirk--and looking to his side gives him a full view of the both of them. He swallows a little thickly. They're fairly close, which isn't new given the weird flirting games they've been playing for the past month, but the door to the bathroom is closed, leaving them alone and closed off from the rest of the world. John knows and appreciates the value of a private room, and a reaction that's become natural heightens his intake of Dirk details and the air around them and god. He is so attracted to this man in so many ways, and he's only bothered by the justification that Dave might look like Dirk when he's older and that is so much yes for him.]

[A hitch of breath ending with a squeak escapes him when his nipple is brushed. Very, very uncool, and he bites his lip immediately afterward. Yeah, he hasn't made his interest exactly a secret to Dirk, but god way to be totally smooth about it. Besides, anyone who had their nipple touched by a warm hand holding the shirt fabric up for scrubbing would have done that...right? John glances at Dirk, holds his gaze for too long and looks back to himself in the mirror. Smooth. Gotta retain some amount of that.]

[He looks back at Dirk, grinning playfully, and gives him a light, joking punch to his chest.]

Getting a bit touchy there, bro?

[John falters when he thinks that maybe the amount of suggestion in his tone for that joke was a bit...over the top. Whoops.]
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AU // We talked for hours || And now it seems so long ago || I cut my hands and I close my eyes

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[Dave's been awake, on and off, for the last 18 hours. Apparently, he'd been in a coma for the first two and a half days of his stay in the hospital, if the nurses who talk gently to him are telling the truth. They're still trying to figure out who he is, because his face is destroyed- broken jaw, broken cheekbone, gashes across what's left. Apparently he'd landed on his damn face after getting hit by the car. And he's still not dead. Head to the pavement yet he's still alive and recovering.]

[Dave Strider, unable to die properly. How awkward. He can open the eye not trapped by the swelling, but he can't move, tangled in casts and restraints and machines. They know he tried to kill himself. No sober person runs onto the highway like that without an honest death wish. The words they use to talk about him bounce around his damaged skull.]

[Blood loss. Broken ribs. Heart rate. Might not walk again. Collapsed lung. Transfusion. Morphine. Stitches. Infection.]

[His favorite is "Lucky". God, they keep saying that one. It hovers through the air with all the coughing and crying and disinfectant. He doesn't feel lucky. He's alive and conscious, and that feels distinctly unlucky. It all just keeps replaying in his mind. They were smiling. Smiling. He's never been haunted by a smile like this. His fever dreams are swirled with painkillers and pleasured, giddy smiles. He wants to rip his arms out of their web of machines and claw through his skull to get those smiles out. He needs to get away from them, but the drugs and doctors and injuries all play together to keep him from tearing his wounds open and blissfully bleeding out on the floor.]

[He's alone in his head and there's nothing to fall back on, nothing that's not tainted with John or Dirk, so he just listens. He focuses on the whoosh of the machine keeping him breathing and the beeping that watches his heartbeat. He lets the beat of them spin together and it's barely music but it's enough to play with in his mind. Soon he'll be able to move, and then this will be over. Until then, the melody of the beeping machines will carry him through.]

[He doesn't hear the door open.]
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[He doesn't understand. Rose had immediately, without hesitation, and maybe before it even all happened with that freaky fortune-telling thing she seemed to be gifted with. Jade had caught on because she's Jade and that's what Jade does, but John? No. No way in hell.]

[He pulls his letterman tight around him through the pockets in which his cold hands are stuffed. He doesn't get a fucking thing. Age did absolutely nothing to make him understand things from the get-go, not without a push from a third party. He's still the fucking clueless 13-year-old trying to get through a Gaia Online event. Having Rose or Vriska around helped him think ahead, probably because they were each really scarily good at it and it just rubbed off on him or something. But right now none of Rose's sixth sense or whatever is helping him, and he's left in the dust in terms of getting what's going on. Dave ran onto the highway. Rose and Jade and everyone gets it but him. How the fuck did he ever fantasize how he could be a good boyfriend for Dave when he didn't have a damn clue about why he did anything?]

[John runs his hand through his hair as the nurses sign papers on clipboards and prepare to let him in to see Dave. He's nervous. He loves Dave so, so much, and it's why he feels horrendously guilty for what happened. Yeah, his business with Dirk wasn't really Dave's business, but it'd obviously done something to him if he ran off for days and into oncoming 70mph traffic and...fuck. He messed up, and he's not even sure where or why. He just knows Dave is upset, and that it probably has something to do with him catching his brother and best friend fucking in the bathtub; John wants to kick himself for only thinking of that with the help of Rose's slapping and general existence. Dave is his best friend, and now, more than ever, he feels like he doesn't understand a damn thing about him.]

[When the nurses nod him the OK, John releases a breath he was only a little aware he was holding. He tries to smile at them, flash a set of mostly-straight pearly whites, but it comes up flat and he can't make himself care. He opens the door, and when he walks in he completely forgets what he was just thinking about. Dave is hooked up to machines, he may as well be a medical mummy, and John feels like this is somehow his fault. And, god, how did he think he could punch Dave in the face like this? It was a high-emotion moment when he said it, but now he's thinking of asking Rose for another slap.]

[He clears his throat and shuts the door. It's only the two of them, now, in a room that smells like hospital and nothing like warm gooey best bros reuniting. It reeks of guilt and betrayal to him, and it being damn cold doesn't help. John tries, again, to smile, only for it to not even happen at all and his face to tighten. There are so many things wrong here, and he doesn't know where to start.]

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[Dave had his working eye closed, but it flies open when he hears John's voice. John. JohnJohnJohn.]

[There's none of subdued drifting of a moment ago in his expression when he looks at John. He's trying to open his dysfunctional eye and the one that opens on its own is pure shock and maybe a hint of panic. The despair hasn't had time to sink in yet, because he's just too surprised for something that complex. The attempt by the muscles in his face to display his alarm pulls at one of the stitches in his cheek and a little trickle of blood starts.]

[His jaw is wired shut to keep him from doing just what he is trying to do-- open it and talk. It would fuck up the work they'd done resetting the bones, and it's not the kind of thing that can be monitored with restraints. The restraints are doing a good job of keeping Dave from jolting back against his pillows like he subconsciously attempted, rattling a few of the feed lines that are giving him fluids and nutrients.]

[The painkillers aren't strong enough to override the way the hint of movement shifts his broken ribs and torn insides, and Dave's expression pinches in pain. He's silent, though, save for a heavy exhale. He fights down the flinch instinct to open his working eye again, desperately searching John's face.]
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[John flinches when Dave does. God, why can't he help but feel like this is his fault? He can't think of any reason why it would be, other than him and Dirk fucking, but why would that...he can't reason it in his head. Friends don't jump into oncoming traffic when their friends mess around with their siblings normally, right? Well, there was probably nothing "normal" about that, but his point still stands. He bites his lip and approaches Dave, fishing a Kleenex from his pocket. He gently presses it to the blood on Dave's face, because god, he can't stand seeing him bleed ever.]

[He's out of words to say. He thought he had a lot of them, but he's drawing a complete blank right now. What do you say to a guy who nearly got killed of his own volition? If it actually was, anyway, everyone said there was no other way but...John doesn't want to believe that unless Dave tells him straight-up. Obviously he can't right now, so John will just hold out that he won't have to worry about a suicide watch on Dave. He needs to say something, though, because he just does. It's hard, because it's all fucked up, and it's just...hard. But he has to. He has to clear a mess up before he can try to help with the one Dave is in. It'd be a start, at least.]

[John takes a deep breath, and exhales.]

You must be fucking pissed at me.

[He scoffs, directed at himself, and pockets the Kleenex with Dave's blood spotted on it when the trickle of blood ceases. He should probably throw it away, but he can't be assed to find the trashcan nearby. He just wants to talk to Dave, that's really it. Well, it's going to be mostly talking at Dave.]

Understandably, I guess, and...and I'm really sorry if that scared you, or hurt your feelings or whatever.

[The chair by the table gets pulled over, and John sits in it, leaning forward with his hands clasped tight.]

Dirk's been real worried about you since...y'know. He wouldn't tell me much, but Rose said he was upset. I figured I'd just make things worse if I bothered him too long; we're not that close, not like you two or him and Rose or him and Roxy or Jake or Jane get the picture.
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AU // Please Please Please || Let me get what I want this time

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[Dave is slowly starting to heal. Now that he's stable, they've taken to cutting him open periodically, resetting bones and doing any number of other things to piece him back together. Dave still has moments where he wants to pull all of his stitches out and pour his blood and guts over the floor, but his only real attempt at throwing himself out a window had been Dirk's only attempt at visiting. They're not allowing him back until Dave gives his okay, because Dave had undone some serious progress trying to get away from him.]

[His friends, though, are here all the time. John, Jade, Rose, Wayne and Terezi have all visited frequently, although John's the only one who's really moved in. It helps that the nurses help smuggle him in when Dave's prepping for surgery or just out of it. Dave had grown on them fast, with his tragic gay love story (which overheard conversations with Rose had revealed to them) warming many a heart, and they were all eager to help him recover. They'd been cold to John at first until discovering that Dave just did better when he was around, making more effort to move, eat and even smile, once or twice.]

[He's here now, in fact, keeping Dave company and texting Karkat. Dave watches him from the bed, red eyes fully exposed now that the swelling has gone down. They wouldn't have let him wear his shades even if they hadn't gotten lost in the accident.]
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[If anyone in the damn world would have a posse of hospital visitors, it was definitely Dave Strider. John's always pleased when their other friends show up to visit on their way home or after they've finished their school activities, and it feels like he lives with Dave, now. He goes to school, of course, but the instant he's out he goes straight to the hospital to see Dave, toting homework with him every time. Football season is over, so there's no looming danger of missing a practice for the sake of making sure his best-friend-slash-love-of-his-life is always doing alright in his recovery. Not that John would have cared too much, anyway, Dave was worth more than a good season.]

[Right now he's set his homework--and Dave's that he collects daily to bring to him (and, often, he does what he can for him so there won't be so much to do later)--aside to sit at Dave's bedside, arms and chin resting on the bed as he grumbles up at his phone. Texting isn't rare for him to do on his visits, and Karkat tends to be his number one solicitor for whatever reason. Right now, they have a project due in Biology on genetics and Karkat is, of course, flipping his shit over all caps, mult-page text.]

Man, I forget how much of an ass Karkat can be sometimes.

[He furrows his brow again and clicks around on his slider phone keyboard with much more intent. Touchscreens were never his thing, and this is much easier to use with both hands than a flip phone. He sends his message and groans, scooting forward and burying his face in Dave's side. There's a good chance he'll have to leave early to calm Karkat the fuck down since no one else is around to do it. Karkat is also his best friend, and first catalyst into the curiosity of homosexuality thanks to that legendary crush and junior high, very public confession.]

[John's probably implied-admitted his adoration and not-platonic love and attraction to Dave to his face thousands of times on accident while this hospitalization thing has been going on. He just has a lot of feelings for Dave that he knows Dave wouldn't return, and he hates how Rose is right about him trying to fill that sad little void with casual dating and fucking. It's not like he's trying to date and screw all his friends and their brothers, it just happens because they're all great people that John sees the best in and none of them are Dave and that's always the worst part. He doesn't have a "hit list," like someone might have joked once, but if he did Karkat would probably be next on it and now they are texting and John is most likely going to have to come to his rescue and he only minds because Dave is his world right now and he doesn't want to pchooo away from him.]

[He lifts his head up and looks up at Dave with a bit of a pout forming. The process of dealing with Karkat is going through him, and it shows very obviously on his face. Annoyance, exasperation, reminding self that Karkat may possibly be crying yet again, pity, acceptance, wow Karkat is a pretty cool guy once you go through all these emotionally draining steps. And, like every time, John smiles a bit, and he closes his phone with a sigh.]

I guess he wouldn't be Karkat if he were nice and chill all the time, huh?